Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing the Presenters

    • Course Description

  • 2

    Week One

    • Day One: Being Rich

    • Day Two: Can the Problems Be Solved?

    • Day Three: Nobody Wins

    • Day Four: Nothing Is Ever On Sale

    • Day Five: On Winning The Lottery Is A Scary Thing

    • Day Six: What is the Cost of Money?

    • Day Seven: The Tomorrow Factor

  • 3

    Week Two

    • Day Eight: Are You Rich?

    • Day Nine: Money Is A Biohazard

    • Day Ten: Yelling About Money

    • Day Eleven: It's My Father's Fault

    • Day Twelve: Coffee and Peanuts

    • Day Thirteen: Money and Suffering

    • Day Fourteen: What is Important?

  • 4

    Week Three

    • Day Fifteen: Financial Self-Stories

    • Day Sixteen: Staying Curious

    • Day Seventeen: Growing Old Together

    • Day Eighteen: Good Intentions

    • Day Nineteen: Anchors Away

    • Day Twenty: White Lies

    • Day Twenty-One: Honesty Does Not Cure Shame

  • 5

    Week Four

    • Day Twenty-Two: You Have A Hidden Budget

    • Day Twenty-Three: The Awful Cost of Dreams

    • Day Twenty-Four: Who Worries The Most

    • Day Twenty-Five: Love of Money

    • Day Twenty-Six: Mama's Sayings:

    • Day Twenty-Seven: Money and Social Media

    • Day Twenty-Eight: Can You Buy Respect?

  • 6

    The Final Two Days

    • Day Twenty-Nine: What's Buried Under the Money?

    • End of the Month: Past, Present, and Future